Native American Indian UFO ET Alien Gods Star Beings

Native American “folklore” or “myth” as the Christian right refers, details the ancients encounters with “Star Beings”, and can be harvested from the American Southwest to Tierra Del Fuego. In story-telling traditions dating back to antiquity, the gods once descended from heaven to impregnate barren females in remote villages. Mothers bearing these strange seeds would then nurture and raise the “Star Children” until the age of six or thereabouts, when the gods would return to reclaim their progeny, leaving villagers staring up into the infinite night.

The United States, as every other major land mass is filled with pyramids, hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, artifacts and sacred grounds to rival the Egyptian, and the Mayan digs…The native peoples that preceded our modern society recorded events and prophecies for the benefit of those who would follow. It was the part of the “job description” of being a tribal Shaman to hand down the sacred knowledge to the next generation of Shaman, and some say it’s as accurate as it was thousands of years ago when induced.

Giant Indian Face found on Google Earth, in Canada, over 400 meters across, great detail, Millions of years old, UFO Sighting news.

Location of Face: near Medicine Hat, Canada
Description: Alien Royal Prince Face 400+ meters across

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